Keira Knightley exudes vintage chic in navy-lace blue dress during her participation in the London Film Festival event

She has done the round to promote her latest film Colette.

And Keira Knightley showed off her vintage sense of style in a quirky navy blue dress during her participation in a panel of the London Film Festival on Friday.

The 33-year-old actress looked chic during a Screen Talks, even to talk about her illustrious Hollywood career and to continue the promotions for her drama from the last period.

Chic: Keira Knightley showed off her vintage sense of style in a quirky navy blue dress when she attended a London Film Festival panel on Friday.

Keira, who was never shy about avoiding an idiosyncratic ensemble, effortlessly looked stylish in a deep blue lace dress with a large collar and a front zipper, which combined the dress with silver sandals with shimmering nose.

The conciliator had her brown hair styled in effortless waves, emphasizing her English rose scent with just a touch of mascara and a nude lip.

Keira appeared on Screen Talks to talk about her role in Colette next to her acting career as a whole, after wowing on the red carpet of the film the previous evening.

Nice: Never a shy away from a quirky look, Keira, 33, wore a beautiful deep blue dress with a heavy collar and a zipper on the front

Dressed to make an impression: to have her chatting chatting, Keira combined the dress with silver sandals with peeptoe and her brown locks styled in effortless waves

Lovely: The Atonement star does the rounds to promote her latest periodical Colette, which is based on the author's life with the same name

Keira plays the protagonist of her new film, starring Dominic West and Eleanor Tomlinson.

Colette is based on the life of the eponymous author who lived from 1875 to 1954 and died at the age of 81.

Suppose in the beginning of the 20th century, author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette is being pushed by her dominating husband, Henry Gauthier-Villars, to write novels under his name in the biopic.

Enchanting: also in the BFI was Rosamund Pike, who attended a photocall for the rising number of female filmmakers

Looks good: the Gone Girl star went for a simple black high-necked sweater with her blond tresses pulled back into a slender ponytail

When they become bestsellers, she fights to make her talents known, challenging gender norms from that time – Dominic West plays her husband.

Keira, speaking on Good Morning America, touched on the importance of the film: & # 39; The film concentrates on the first years of her life, when she was married to the first husband, who won the honor for her first four novels. It is about the struggle for her own voice, feminism and gender politics. & # 39;

Colette also sees the actress sharing a steamy kiss with co-star Eleanor Tomlinson, while the character examines her sexuality.

Keira explained: "They were a celebrity couple and her husband was brilliant in marketing. He put her on the market and did not give her a voice, but she took her vote back. & # 39;

United: A series of women who worked on films at the BFI attended the event because the festival honors women in the field as part of the ongoing movement #MeToo

Making a statement: Andrea Riseborough was hard to miss in a suit with geometric print and matching shirt

Playful: the stars looked like they had a great time when they attended the sumptuous event

Among other stars that were present at the BFI London Film Festival was Rosamund Pike, who accompanied Andrea Rodriguez at a photocall for female filmmakers.

Rosamund also looked stylish in a classic black turtleneck and a midi skirt with a large floral print and pulled her blond locks into a slender high ponytail.

She joined her co-stars as they walked around before they made a group clip for the photocall, prior to the release of the film.

Animated: Andrea seemed a little shocked when she was surprised by one of the other female filmmakers during the event

Important: this year the London Film Festival has seen a huge increase in the number of films directed by women