Keith Harington accused Marvel of homophobia

Keith Harington accused Marvel of homophobia

The 31-year-old British actor Keith "John Snow" Harington, once again, among the other, ridiculously stingy of having been discriminated in the industry as a man, perceiving only a "beautiful face", fell with an attack at the Marvel.

Keith said in an interview at Variety at a Toronto film festival that the studio manifests itself on the one hand extremely homophobic, as there are no gay actors who play the role of superheroes in his films. And China is deeply affected by this.

According to Snow, the impossibility of watching brave and heroic homosexuals on the screens is a "huge problem", because such a Marvel-de genocide shows that masculinity and homosexuality are incompatible things, "it can not go hand in hand. step".

When already gay actors will be invited to the role of superheroes? When will this happen? – Interested in asking Kit.


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