«Khalbos» and «Salem Abu-Aktah» .. Mohammed Rajab gate «Mona» and «Shima» Cinema - Al Watan Egyptian newspaper

The arrest of Mona Farouk and Shima al-Hajj is still pending, after having sex videos with a person who said he is a famous film director, who gets a lot of artistic acclaim, especially since the coming days are expected to be many surprises will show in this case.

It was striking that the first film appearance of Shima and Mona with the artist Mohammed Rajab, where the first collaborated with him in the film "Salem Abu-Aktah" in 2014, while the second participated in the film "Alkhalbos" with the leading role in 2015.

A porn video by Mona Farouf and Shima al-Haj sparked a big debate about social networking sites, especially after director Khaled Youssef was accused of being the person appearing on the video.

Mina and Shima were arrested yesterday after being accused of a blatant porn video.

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