Khaled Youssef: I am not a leaked video hero. My words were distorted

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Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – 12: 6 | Last updated: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – 14:46

After he appeared in a BBC interview, Khaled Youssef published a message on his personal Facebook account, explaining some points of confusion or misunderstanding.

Khaled Yousuf, in an interview with the BBC's "No Restrictions" program, denied that he admitted he was the person in the leaked pornographic videos attributed to him in the past.

He explained in a publication about his account on the social networking site that he is not a fugitive abroad, and that he returns to Egypt on optional leave when the authorities send him a charge.

He added: Yousef emphasized that when he held this meeting, the intention was not to escalate or calm the situation, and he appeared as an artist and not as a politician, but some news sites understood me and his profession.

He emphasized that during this meeting he did not know that he owned the leaked videos, especially when he said a sentence: "Whether the videos are mine or not, it is necessary to punish who this is because this is the crime ", pointing out that this meant that the person to be held responsible is the offender who has published videos and their squadron.

"He went on to say that since 2015 he has been informed about the person who leaked this video & # 39; s but has not been arrested so far.

Khaled Youssef

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