Kharlamov and Asmus betray rumors: Garik Kharlamov spoke of rumors of betrayal against Christina Asmus - 15/02/2019

The famous Russian showman Garik Kharlamov decided to comment on the statements of opponents about the betrayal of Christina Asmus's wife.

It is worth noting that the star couple Kharlamov – Asmus has recently generated a lot of rumors, but Garik, who is a quiet and peace-loving person in a secular drink, has never responded to such gossip, Russian dialogue reports regarding "7 days".

Fans of celebrities are not happy with the & # 39; spicy & # 39; photo 's by Christina, who has been very popular lately, giving rise to rumors. Especially the last photo with actor Artem Tkachenko has disturbed them.

"Where does Kharlamov look, frankly shamelessness", "You have a small child, how can you not be ashamed to upload such images", "If you have found a new gentleman, why should you dishonorously dishonor your husband?" Husband, maybe the case is moving to divorce? & # 39; – write fans.

Add, the 37-year-old Garik Kharlamov and the 30-year-old Christina Asmus are 6 years in a legal marriage and have a five-year-old daughter Nastya. They love to travel together and often go on tour together.

"Just know that what is written is schizophrenia and delirium.Everything is good.My woman is in the neighborhood, my daughter.I will not write about it anymore.Good for everyone," Kharlamov wrote on his page on the social network.

As previously reported by the Russian dialogue, Garik Kharlamov entertained his fans with self-irony.

Recall, showman Garik Kharlamov was the victim & # 39; of the fraudulent scheme.