Kim Kardashian opens up about Baby No. 4 and why she is so calm before her birth on the Kardashians

Someone feels Zen!

In this exclusive clip from Kim KardashianIt is the appearance of Thursday evening The Tonight Show, the head of KKW Beauty reveals why he is not insisting on the arrival of his fourth child. As you surely know, the long E! the personality confirmed that she and her husband Kanye West expect a fourth child through surrogacy during his visit on January 14 a Andy Cohen& # 39; S See what happens live.

"I heard that parents of four are the most enlightened and calm of all parents", the Keep up with the Kardashians star notes Jimmy Fallon. "The calmest, yes, yes, I've heard!"

Understandably, Kim's calm takes his personality to stun late at night when he finds himself "stressed" by his own two sons, whom he has with his wife Nancy Juvonen. Specifically, Jimmy defends "that you do not sleep anymore … ever".

Certainly, the matriarch Kardashian-West has sympathy for Fallon as she remembers the growing pains she faced when she first enlarged her brood.

"I felt the huge change – from 1 to 2 it looked like 1 to 20", confesses Kim. "It was harder than 2 or 3 for me!"

In fact, Kim expects a mother of four to be "really even".

"Right now, it's like me with two always and Kanye has only one" Kris JennerThe daughter is joking. "So it's like he's still living his life and I am, you know."

For the child, no. 4 talk and more, be sure to take a look at the exclusive clip above! Also, do not forget to take Kim full Show tonight sit down tonight at 11:35 pm on NBC.

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