Kim Kardashian poses in a bra and thong

Kim Kardashian poses in a bra and thong

Kim Kardashian West wants her fans to help her get dressed!

The reality TV star shared an Instagram of herself on Thursday wearing only a forest sports bra and a thong.

"Hmmm what should I wear tonight?" Kardashian West, 37, has titled the photo, which seems to have been placed in her closet while her entire Yeezy wardrobe can be seen in the background.

As for "tonight", we can assume that Kardashian West is referring to the sister's first birthday party Kylie Jenner, that her new mom is having a day before her real birthday.

Hours before her self-portrait mirror, Kardashian West published a photo with her sisters from Khloe Kardashian's 34th birthday party in June.

"Sisters about to come for Ky's birthday tonight !!!! * Do not worry, Kourtney has included," Kardashian West has titled the photo while having fun with his older sister Kourtney Kardashian in the absence of Khloe's party and probably their most recent battle in which Kardashian West called Kourtney the "less exciting to watch".

Like Kardashian West, Jenner also shared a pre-birthday celebration photo.

After swearing to stop sharing photos of her 6-month-old daughter Stormi Webster with her boyfriend Travis Scott, 26, Jenner surprised fans by posting a new photo with Stormi Thursday.

"I'm celebrating my birthday tonight with my most special gift, what life was like before you, Stormi," Jenner subtitled the adorable picture of herself cradling her baby gently.

"I love you my little angel," added Jenner.

Jenner then shared another picture with Stormi writing "My Heart".

Jenner's photo with Stormi was not her only gift for her fans.

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The makeup tycoon released his annual birthday collection on August 6th.

"I can not believe I'm 21. I do not see the time to share this collection with you guys." "It's definitely the most personal collection I've ever done so I hope you like guys," Jenner said in her stories on Instagram.

"My birthday collections are really special to me because the first collection I made was for my 19th birthday, so this will be my third annual birthday collection," added Jenner.