Kirkorov was attacked by a crazy fan in Gelendzhik

Kirkorov was attacked by a crazy fan in Gelendzhik

The fan almost broke the concert that took place on August 11th.

During the Russian city tour, the king of pope Philip Kirkorov was attacked by a crazy fan in Gelendzhik, who performed with flowers on stage during the composition. Eyewitnesses say that "Filya fought as best he could" from the annoying fan who, after embracing him, decided to invade the "sacred" – the mouth of Bedrosovich, but this last, with enviable dexterity, he dodged a woman "not married".

After all attempts to kiss the Russian show star were unsuccessful, the girl decided to sit at Kirkorov's feet, tightly gripping her limbs. After watching for a bit of his idol from below, the crazy fan left the stage. Apparently, such a reaction from the king pop did not greatly cheer the woman.

Someone from the audience took off what was happening "crazy" on the camera, and then sent Bedrosovich. Without thinking twice, he posted this video on his social network page to be seen by everyone. Users immediately reacted dramatically to what was happening, defining the "crazy" fan. Some have noticed that in Gelendzhik this girl has become scandalous due to repeated similar tricks on the stage with the stars.