Lady Gaga shares mental health problems, thoughts about suicide: & my inner voice closed & # 39;


At the Patron of Artists Awards Lada Gaga spoke about kindness, mental health and her own struggles.

HANDLING HILLS – Lady Gaga last Thursday gave her speech about the need for mental health programs with a warning.

"I feel like I do not belong here", the pop star –Oscar-sang actress said to actors and producers at the annual fundraiser Patron Of the Artists Awards of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, where Spike Lee, Harrison Ford and Jeffrey Katzenberg were also honored.

"So I spent three and a half hours writing what I was going to say, and while I sit here all night, I went:" Oh my God, your speech is too long and everyone is going to get bored. " 39; "

After about 20 minutes the speech was long, yes. But the chamber of actors was fascinated by what Gaga said from the stage about kindness, mental health and her own struggles.

"We are losing a generation of young people who do not believe their voice is worth hearing," she said, suggesting that SAG-AFTRA collaborates with Gaga's Born This Way Foundation to provide mental health teams for those who suffer. "The need in this world for kindness is crippling, the negative news and the tragedies are non-stop and overwhelming."

She was referring to the shooting on Wednesday night at a bar in California that left 13 dead, including the suspected gunman.

"We need to share our stories so that global mental health is no longer there and lingers in the dark," she said. "It is dangerous and we know this because, among other things, shootings and violence last night a shooting took place in Thousand Oaks by a veteran who was thought to have suffered from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (according to authorities he had an episode of erratic behavior that PTSS suggested), which is a mental issue. We know this is dangerous, we know it's important and we need to pay attention to it. & # 39;

Experts say that the actions of the California Bar shooting suspect Ian David Long, 28, a veteran of the Marine Corps, is not due to PTSD.

Lady Gaga continued: "When I talk about mental health, especially when talking about mine, it is often tacitly taken care of, or perhaps a gloomy row of fans waiting outside to whisper in the shadow about their darkest secrets. We need to bring spiritual health into the light. "

As an example Gaga gave her own & # 39; list & # 39; with problems that they had to deal with.

She had "symptoms of dissociation and PTSD" that changed into "physical chronic pain, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, acute trauma reactions and debilitating mental spirals that include suicidal thoughts and masochistic behavior."

After years & # 39; yes & # 39; having said to each offered job, the word & # 39; yes & # 39; too automatic and my inner voice closed, what I have now learned is very unhealthy, & # 39; she said. "I was not authorized to say no, I began to notice that I stared into space for seconds or minutes, and I saw flashes of things that tormented me, experiences that were being discarded.

"I tell you this because it was too late for me," she said. "I wish I had mental health resources then."

The MC of the evening, Rachel Bloom, was so compelled by Gaga's speech that she opened her own mental illness before she closed the show.

"I also suffer from anxiety and depression, I thank God every day for my Prozac and part of the reason I've been treated is because I can afford it," Bloom said. "I just want to thank Lady Gaga for that speech."

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