Laima Vaikule received an electric shock during a concert in Ukraine

The famous Soviet and Latvian pop singer Laima Vaikule almost said goodbye to life. The artist told the absurd case of his biography in an interview on the YouTube show "Talking Heads". In the program broadcast, the star recalled how, several years ago, during a normal concert in Odessa, she received a strong electric shock.

The singer said she always carried the scenery and the stage on several levels. However, during the installation of the equipment before execution, the specialists violated the safety regulations and damaged the 300-volt electrical cable with which the stadium structures were in contact.

They set the stage and interrupted the light wire, and this is 300 volts. Very and we were working with wired microphones.– explained the artist.

Unaware of the negligence of mechanics, Vaikula, who was on one of the highest levels of the stage, seized his handrail and received a strong electric shock.

The singer immediately left the microphone and with difficulty arrived in the locker room. From a fright at that moment the star could not pronounce a word and for a long time tried to recover.

Later I was told that it was a savage spasm. My tongue and my cheek were bitten. My heart was too strong. There was a spasm of all the muscles from this electric shock.– cites the performer of "".

Eventually, after overcoming his illness, Vaikule reappeared in front of the public. To avoid such situations, his microphone was wrapped in material that did not conduct electricity, and the concert continued. However, to hide from the public an unpleasant yet failed incident. Fans suspected that something was wrong and was interested in the singer's health.

Previously, Channel Five reported that from the Allegrova concert The spectator was removed by police officers.


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