Largest family in Great Britain will be even bigger when the Radfords welcome child number 21

Largest family in Britain has just become bigger after welcoming their 21st child.

Sue Radford recently gave birth to the little Bonnie Raye after a delivery of 12 minutes.

Her and her husband Noel are adamant that they will no longer have children, although they admit that this is something they have said before.

Bonnie Raye is the 21st child for the Radford family

Sue, 43, told the sun: "We both decided we do not want to. Bonnie has completed our family. & # 39;

Noel, 46, added: "Some people decide to quit after two or three children. We made it after 21. & # 39;

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Bonnie, who was born with a weight of 8lb 4oz on Tuesday, is already enjoying life in their ten-bed home in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Their other children think it is fantastic to have another sister, who is three decades younger than the eldest brother Chris, now 29.

Sue continued: & # 39; They all fought for the first hug. It is such a beautiful moment when you bring a newborn home and the others are all ready to hold her. & # 39;

The couple supports themselves with their bakery and only claims child credit. Many of the children also help in the bakery and the early start means that Noel can be at home to help with the school run – in their own bus.

The family gets an amazing 18 liters of milk a day (photo: ITV / This Morning)

Noel had a vasectomy after baby number nine, but this was later reversed. The couple told friends and family they are ready, even though they also made that vow after Archie, now 14 months old, was born.

Sue has been pregnant for more than 800 weeks and said: & # 39; It must come to an end at some point.

& # 39; The maternity clothes will soon be put in the trash. I do not miss a pregnancy at all.

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& # 39; All midwives in the hospital asked us if they would see us again next year and we both said, & # 39; absolutely not & # 39 ;.

We just continue to enjoy the children and enjoy our grandchildren. & # 39;

The couple met when Sue was seven and had their first baby when she was only 14.

They were determined to make sure that he was both given up for adoption at birth.

Sue and Noel have said that they will stop after 21 children (Picture: ITV / This Morning)

Their second child, Sophie, was born when Sue was 17, shortly after they were married.

The line-up of children at the moment is Chris, Sophie, Chloe, Jack, Daniel, Luke, Millie, Katie, James, Ellie, Aimee, Josh, Max, Tillie, Oscar, Caspar, Hallie, Phoebe and Archie. They had a stillborn baby boy in 2014.

They are also grandparents via Sophie, 24, who has three children.

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Despite their claim that they have left their family, some Bonnie brothers and sisters are already in doubt.

Sophie said: & # 39; They will not stop at an odd number. & # 39;

The Radford family gets an amazing 18 liters of milk, four toilet rolls and three boxes of breakfast cereals a day.

They also have to do nine washes and it takes three hours in the evening to have them all bathed.