Latin artists who have just pasted a song and have disappeared

There is no doubt that the 90s and the first decade of 2000 had impressive music that marks your soul, and although many of these artists are older, some decided to keep surprising us and continue their career, but on the other side side, there were several who at that time successfully broke, and then puff! they disappeared.

Here we leave you a list of Latin artists who hit one song and then said goodbye to music.


The Puerto Rican took his & Cha Cha & # 39; around the world in 2006, and even in the Miss Universe of that year he sang. From then on nothing else was known.

The river

Although they are not Latino, they also fall into this list. The group led & # 39; The Macarena & # 39; At the top in many countries, however, it could not maintain itself after that success.

The Ketchup

Although they are not Latin, this Spanish trio is included & # 39; Aserejé & # 39; even in Chinese. Then they disappeared.

Óscar de La Hoya

After his fight with the Puerto Rican Felix "Tito Trinidad", the Mexican took a record and from there his song sounded, & # 39; Come to me & # 39;. After his retirement, he is committed to being a promoter of athletes in that sport.


The most famous singer of the reality show of Puerto Rican, & # 39; Target Fame & # 39; took the subject & # 39; What are & # 39; to the number one position in the Latin Billboard for a number of weeks and although there were two or three numbers, none like the first one was made popular by Ednita Nazario.


She is not Latina either, but she is one of those who has committed a single number and then goodbye. The young singer became famous for & # 39; The gorilla dance & # 39; in 2001, but everything was there.

Blue blue

They are known for it & # 39; The Bomb & # 39 ;, the only number that has been hit.

King Africa

Absolutely the song, & # 39; The Humahuaqueño & # 39; It was a big hit, but after that there is nothing else.

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Project One

It sounded a lot on the radio, at parties and discotheques & # 39; The shark & ​​# 39; It was the only mega success of the group.

Pilar Montenegro

In the beginning of 2000 he held on to a song that he made popular Yolandita Monge in the 90s, & # 39; Get that man out of my heart & # 39;but it had no other comparable success.

Son of four

The smash & # 39; Pure pain & # 39; took this group to the top that very little is known about him today.

El Chombo

Remember that weird but sticky theme & # 39; The flying cat & # 39;? Well, El Chombo He was his interpreter, but after that success he disappeared from the music.

The symbol

& # 39; 1, 2, 3 & # 39 ;, it was the success interpreted by this Argentinean group, which sounded more in the 90s.


The musical theme & # 39; Sat, Sat, Sat & # 39; from the group climax originated in a bar Veracruz, Mexico and it became a worldwide success. It is popularly known as & # 39; Table that applauds more & # 39 ;.

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