Leo - Saturday, February 16, 2019: you will feel very inspired by love

Astrological news: the Moon is in Cancer and all the planets are direct. Today's numerological vibration is three.

This is the weekend of unexpected gifts, emotional and emotional surprises, Leo. Your love life is entering a phase of greater solidity and you will be amazed at the direct, creative and innovative way with which you solve many situations that until recently were bothering you. This Saturday will mark a significant difference in your emotional reality.

Even if there are situations that baffle you, take advantage of what is happening around you and see how you discover great opportunities, both at work and more. Maybe an extra job very soon.

Tomorrow I do it: the dangers of procrastination and your sign


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to love
The Moon is approaching your sign that will happen tomorrow Sunday and from today you feel in a tone a little 'restless, Leo. Someone new for your emotional horizon? Explore this relationship further and deepen it. Love has many facets, do not forget it.

Any change in your habitual biorhythm patterns can indicate an incipient disorder that you must pay attention to and take care of. Do not be alarmed if you feel any unexpected discomfort, but be alert to the signals and signals sent by your body.

I work
Measure your words well and do not divulge company secrets or confidences received from your colleagues. Your discretion will allow you to exit gracefully from a difficult situation. What you say could be used in your favor or against you.

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Money and luck
Soon there will be a real transformation in your economic destiny and will increase your income. An unexpected journey into your life will result in a fortuitous meeting with someone very important in the world of commerce.

Today's astral biorhythm
Sexual energy level this Saturday: high
Cosmic dynamics you should take advantage of: your powerful and overwhelming personality that inspires trust and respect.
Dangerous tendency today in your Leo sign: arrogant and arrogant attitudes.
What should I avoid ?: Insignificant comments with people of low education that could distort your words.

Couple prediction for today Saturday
The best relationship today: this Saturday is a great compatibility with fire signals like yours, Aries and Sagittarius. Also with Libra and Aquarius, which are air.
The most strained relationship: avoid clashes with natives of Virgo or Capricorn.
Your current compatibility: vibrates on good vibrations with signs of fire and air, even with Cancer, even if it is water and with Pisces.
If you are single or single: the development of the so-called "fortnight of love" is approaching, which will intensify every day in these days of February.


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