Liam Gallagher claims that & # 39; bitter & # 39; Noel threatens to sue him if he uses Oasis recordings in new films

Liam Gallagher today made explosive claims that his estranged brother Noel Gallagher threatened to prosecute him for an upcoming documentary.

The frontman of the Mancunian Oasis, whose long-running quarrel with his brother eventually resulted in the split of the band, tweeted this morning to claim that the Noel does not want him to use Oasis songs in his As It Was documentary.

Burning Noel a "little guy" and "bitter", Liam hinted that Noel only made the effort to sell tickets for his solo project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

Noel, left and Liam in 2008 – for the bitter argument that ripped Oasis apart

"I have just been informed that I will be accused by the not so powerful little guy and his men at the ignition if I use footage from me oasis songs sing oasis songs in IF IT WAS who is now bitter ps dya wants a hand that who sells tickets AS YOU WERE LG x, "wrote Liam to his followers.

The documentary will shed light on Liam's post-Oasis career as an artist with his other band Beady Eye, and focuses on him "emerging from the shadow of Noel," according to the creators.

A blurb for the film, which still needs a confirmed release date, states that it will tell the "emotional story about how one of the biggest rock frontmen went from the dizzying heights of his champagne supernova years to the living room edge banished lost in the musical wilderness of boredom, drink and bitter legal battle. "

The Mancunian brothers have not seen face to face for years

As It Were will show that "Liam emerges from the shadow of Noel and knows how he is in the largest group in the world and starts alone again, stripped naked, without hiding", in a series of interviews with family, colleagues & employees.

But with Noel credited with writing the vast majority of the Oasis songs, he could hold the key to how many – if any – images of Liam from his younger days as a Britpop icon could make the final cut.

Liam and Noel have not spoken for years

Liam herself said: "As It Was is a documentary about my musical comeback and includes the writing and recording of my first solo album, up to and including live play for the very first time in my hometown of Manchester and the rest of the world. that you enjoy the movie … As You Were. "

Noel's representative refused to comment when approaching the mirror, while Liam's representative still had to respond.

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