Liam Neeson says that "he is not racist" after he said he wanted to kill a black man - La Prensa de Honduras

London, England

The actor of Hollywood, Liam Neeson, insisted that "he is not racist" after saying that he once proposed to attack a black man after the confession of a friend who had been raped.

"I'm not a racist," Neeson told an ABC news program, although he admitted that he felt a "primary need to fall" about forty years ago after hearing a good friend who had been abused by a black man. "I deliberately went to black areas in the city that wanted to be attacked," said the 66-year-old star who appeared on Schindler & # 39; s List, recalling that he came with a tube several times in the hope that a black man would fight him.

"I'm ashamed to say that, maybe I did it for a week, waiting for a black motherfucker to come out of a bar and attack me for something, you know, so I could … kill him," he told the newspaper from the newspaper earlier that day. this week "It was awful, awful when I think about what I did. And I never admitted it"He added.

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Eventually no violence occurred and Neeson added: "It struck me and it hurt me … I was looking for help, I went to a priest".

By pointing out that he is not racist, the artist said that his reaction underlined the need for a broader social debate on the state of race. & # 39; If she had said an Irishman or a Scot or a Briton, I would have had the same effect, I know it would have. I tried to get honor, to defend my best friend, "he said.


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