Liam Nison admits: & # 39; I wanted to kill every black man & # 39; (video) - Mosaique Arabe

The famous actor Liam Nison admitted in an interview with the British newspaper The Independent that he wanted to kill every "black man" he met along the way, claiming he is now ashamed and ashamed.

He said that this feeling was necessary after he heard of the rape of his girlfriend and that the black-skinned rapist.

The 66-year-old Irishman added that he had come out on the street with a big stick and wanted to kill every man with a black skin who would have protested against him to avenge his girlfriend's rapist.

He said that this desire lasted a whole week after he was dominated by anger about the incident, and said that he later regretted it.

Liam Neeson's remarks angered social network leaders, who accused him of racism and strongly criticized him.


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