Lily Allen speaks about sexual assault by the executive power of the record industry

Lily Allen gave her first detailed report of a record industry executive that sexually abused her while she slept, and warned that similar abuse in the music business is "commonplace."

In a frank interview with the Guardian Weekend magazine, the winner of the Brit Award warns that even after the #MeToo movement, industry insiders are silent about the scale of the problem.

Allen describes a hierarchical world that "allows and sometimes even confirms the toxic behavior of men towards women" Allen describes an industry that deals with "a powerful mix of sex, youth and availability" in her memoir My Thoughts Exactly, published later this month .

The 33-year-old, who has previously discussed an incident in general terms in which a powerful industrialist abused her, tells the details of her experience with an executive company from the record industry that attacked her after falling asleep in his hotel bed.


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