Logan Paul gay for a month? The bad joke becomes a bad buzz

There is almost every day that he had caused a global "bad buzz". He makes a name for himself again because of his lack of tactility bordering contempt. The American youtubeur Logan Paul has angered the gay community by announcing his intention to become a gay month in a broadcast on Wednesday 9, by taking on a challenge.

On the plateau dImpaulsive podcast Logan Paul and three henchmen change. Then the young youtubeur jokes that like "The month of March is reserved for men, we will try to become gay for only one month" to provoke the laughter of his companions.

The social networks were then excited against this dubious joke, suggesting that homosexuality was a choice or the subject of a fun challenge (in the mind of the person concerned). Logan Paul finished Friday the eleventh by apologizing to his Twitter account, assuming one "Very bad word choice" and take the opportunity to put the topic on the agenda of his next podcast …

Logan Paul sparked mass indignation when, on January 1, 2018, he made a video recording in Japan, of a man who had hanged himself in a forest known in the country as a place where many desperate people kill each other. .

When Logan Paul had apologized, he had quickly in bad taste in February in a video in which he played taser on dead rats.

The 23-year-old Logan Paul YouTube channel has almost 19 million subscribers.

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