Love Island 2018 Ellie Brown talks about the separate voices of Charlie Brake

Love Island 2018 Ellie Brown talks about the separate voices of Charlie Brake

The girl from the Love Island stole the rumors as she took her Instagram page on Ellie Brown to post a sexy selfie.

The photo showed Charlie Brake's girlfriend wearing only a blue satin bra as she made her way into the bedroom.

Love Island Stunner 2018 combined this with long, rough curls and bright makeup.

Although many gushed from his appearance, a fan was interested in the relationship status of Geordie lass with millionaire Charlie.

"It's a bunch of trash, yes, we're (together)!"

Ellie Brown

The follower probed, "I know you've probably had so many questions about it but you and Charlie are still together? Every article says different things."

Ellie, 20, replied: "Haha is a bunch of trash, yes, we are!"

His comments come after the claims that the two were "on the rocks" after having had an "explosive row" at the Love Island Reunion after-party.

Photo by Ellie Brown on InstagramINSTAGRAM / ELLIE BROWN

SULTRY: Ellie shared a sexy snap of herself in her bra on Instagram

Comments from Ellie Brown Charlie BrakeINSTAGRAM

SPEAKING OUT: Ellie told a fan in the comments section that she was still with Charlie

A member of the TV told The Sun: "Charlie and Ellie had a screaming row at the end of the night.

"I'm already on the stone and only a few weeks have passed."

The source continued: "Of course it is hard outside the villa, you are no longer alone in your couples and both have different lives, with different friends".

Ellie Brown and Charlie BrakeWENN

SPECULATION: It was claimed that the couple was "on the rocks" after a row at Love Island Reunion

Photo by Ellie Brown Charlie BrakeINSTAGRAM / ELLIE BROWN

INTIMATE: Ellie shared a pop of Charlie with his pants down after the rumors have been circulating

Ellie and Charlie, 23, both showed up on their Instagram accounts after the cracked entries.

Charlie shared a shot of Ellie in his house, meanwhile the blonde posted a cheeky shot on his story on Instagram of his boyfriend with his pants down.

Well, you have to share everything on the 'Gram, is not it?