Lyon: press her mobile, she gets killed by a bus

A teenager died in a traffic accident on Wednesday 16 in Lyon. The drama was played on the number 1 of Rue de la République, next to the opera, in the 1st district of the city.

It was around noon when the girl, who would soon be 16 years old, switched the street from Joseph Serlin Street.

Earphones on the ears and absorbed by her cell phone, the girl did not notice the bus line C3 which was also involved in the street of the Republic.

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It was then hit by the front of the articulated vehicle that was in a bend phase according to the Progress. The bus, which according to witnesses ran at a slow pace, then rolled over the teenager.

According to the witnesses of the traffic accident, the visibility of the driver was not optimal. The bus was very busy and at that moment the sun was still dazzling.

The firefighters were quickly called to the scene, but they could not do anything to save the young victim who is dead on the spot.

The bus driver and the teenager's mother, both in shock, were admitted to the hospital.

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