Machine gun Kelly's crew aroused the actor who called him a "P *** y" on Eminem Feud

Machine gun Kelly's crew aroused the actor who called him a "P *** y" on Eminem Feud

After an actor called Machine Gun Kelly "p *** y" on his feud with Eminem, the rapper's bodyguards would attack the man who was to be hospitalized for serious facial injuries.

Kelly machine gunThe feud with Eminem he took a violent turn when the rapper's bodyguard beat an actor who called MGK to start the meat. The fight began on the night of September 14th in Atlanta, when MGK and his crew were in a restaurant bar and the actor called Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez he reached them with his phone and started recording, police told TMZ.

In a video obtained from the website, G-Rod can be seen pointing at the singer of the "Bad Things" while saying "I'll tell you why it must be said, you're a pussy to go with the family!" Reportedly, G-Rod was angry about how MGK had called Eminem's daughter Hailie "Bollente" at 16, starts the meat with the director "Lose Yourself". G-Rod, who has had roles in shows like Ozark, Power, is The walking dead, told TMZ he was particularly angry because he is a husband and father of three children.

Machine Gun Kelly seemed to push G-Rod and turn the phone into the video, which ended there. G-Rod states that it was the moment when five of MGK's bodyguards were involved and MGK would begin to challenge him. G-Rod says that the rapper pushed him and said that the barman immediately sided with MGK and threw G-Rod out of the factory.

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