Maria Poroshina divorced from her husband

Maria Poroshina divorced from her husband

Maria Poroshina is separated from Ilya Drevnev. According to Starchit, the actress appealed to the district court of Tushino of Moscow with a request to end the marriage in the early summer of 2018. A month later, the spouses were officially dissolved.

"They are really separated," said the site staff. – As expected, one month after filing the application, the judge called both spouses for an interview, gave them the time to think and eventually put an end to the case.

Maria Poroshina and Ilya Drevnov have been married for almost 17 years. During this time they had three daughters – Agrafena, Glafira and Serafim. Together they also raised the daughter of an actress from Goshi Kutsenko Polina. Recently, the media reported that Poroshina was pregnant with the fifth child, but no official confirmation was given.

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