Marvel fans lose it via Kayne West's Thanos-like Tweet

Thanos succeeded in getting his plans of universal balance Avengers: Infinity War and Marvel fans think Kanye West might follow in his footsteps.

It all comes from a recent Kanye West tweet in which the rapper said: "our entire culture revolves around balance". It may have something to do with a previous tweet he sent and he said "if you think something positive, say it aloud, keep putting that atmosphere in the universe", and the balance message seems like a natural extension of it. For many people, however, the Thanos equations were too good to pass up.

The whole mission and message of Thanos are Infinity War was to bring the universe in balance to bring it back into prosperity, it is a bit logical. That set in motion many fan-compositions and witty remarks about a Kanye-existing Thanos scenario, but there were also many other great theories.

Although Kanye will not appear in it Avengers 4 (at least, we do not think, he will), Thanos will make a great return for the expected film. In Infinity War, Thanos managed to get everything he wanted, but the heroes walk back until they do it again, and luckily they will have some help.

The remaining heroes Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon, Okoye, M & # 39; Baku, Ant-Man, War Machine and Hawkeye get a boost from the returning Captain Marvel thanks to Nick Fury & # 39; s last-minute Sos at the end of the movie. It may not be enough, but it will be a final proposition.

Kanye can probably help a little when asked, but according to fans he might be their main opponent if he is indeed Thanos, so press the next slide to see some of the best memes and comments.

slide 1 of 10Everything about balance

It did not take long for the Thanos equations surfaceAnd you can imagine that he uses an infinite glove when he says it correctly? Looks like Kanye has just become stronger …

"Kanye, this is a bad one Thanos-like statement "

slide 2 of 10A good impression of Thanos
Thanos Moon Avengers Infinity War

West's "Balance" commentary quickly made fans think he was colored purple and decided to bring universal balance to the world. It seems that no one can bring him down.

"Why Kanye talks like Thanos"

slide 3 of 10Loud the alarm

Someone has to make an alarm for the Avengers because Kanye has disappeared from the wire to change the universe.

"Oh no Kanye is Thanos"

slide 4 of 10Rocking The Gauntlet

From this fan-made image, it seems that Kanye has gone from shoe design to glove design, and his latest design sports some great rocks. Turns out that stones are forever.

"Thanos Kanye Thanos Kanye"

slide 5 of 10It's a secret
Thanos Avengers 4 Weapon

Some saw the tweet as Kanye admitting that he was secretly among us as Thanos, and led the good life in the middle of our lives.

Yes, and there are many more of those where that came from.

"Kanye stealthily Thanos"

slide 6 of 10Give it back!

Some fans just thought Kanye might have been robbed, maybe by a Mad Titan who just wanted to have the phone from Kanye.

Guess what, you really can not tell him anything …

"Thanos has stolen Kanye & # 39; s phone "

slide 7 of 10Pride wins the day

Other fans think Kanye might be the one who eventually defeated Thanos and succeeded where the Avengers failed because of all that Power of Pride.

"Maybe that's how Kanye defeated him, Kanye's pride was greater than Thanos"

slide 8 of 10Another theory
Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

Another theory among fans is not that Kanye defeated Thanos, but instead took over and really showed no mercy.

& # 39; How do you know Thanos was not taken over by Kanye? & # 39;

slide 9 of 10A twist

One fan has another scenario in mind, in the theory that he overtakes or defeats instead of Thanos, that Kanye is instead a child of Thanos. If that is the case, Thanos look better at the throne.

"Kanye is a child of Thanos."

slide 10 of 10My rule is almost complete

Another fan-made Thanos Kanye mashup has Kanye's face on the body of the Mad Titan, with just two of the Infinity Stones. Soon enough he will have all the lights to change the world.