Maxime and Alizée denounce the production assembly

Maxime and Alizée denounce the production assembly

Much criticized on social networks for their lack of empathy, the two candidates say they are "very disappointed" with the assembly of the production.

Last night in the fifth episode of Beijing Express, followed by 2.3 million viewers, Maxime and Alizée were eliminated with everyone's surprise. From the beginning of the competition, the two lovebirds who lived in Neuilly-Sur-Seine were the favorites of the competition and during this phase, their loyalty cost him the place.

In fact, despite their arrival in the first place, they had to wait several minutes to honor their commitment to let Mehdi and Osama win the race. Unfortunately, in the final duel, Maxime and Alizée did not manage to be faster than Maurice and Thierry and they returned to France.

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This Friday, August 10th Tele-Loisirs he interviewed the young couple to return to his adventure in the show of the Six. Critics on social networks for their lack of empathy towards the local inhabitants, Maxime and Alizée denounce the assembly of production. "We're disappointed because our characters were a little bit oriented but it's the game of TV," says the commercial director before adding, visibly frustrated: "In the show, it did not fit the role we had given us. fun to see Florian and Gabriel with the locals or Mehdi and Usama of the two of us.

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According to them, their gesture in the last episode of Mehdi and Usama showed their true personality: "They told him that, because they had the red flag, we would let them win so they would not penalize us. , says Alizée before her partner said: "We are fighters, we love luxury and beautiful things but we are also people with many values! More than others.