Media: Gerit Kling at the center of the "red roses"

Media: Gerit Kling at the center of the "red roses"

The ARD soap opera "Red Roses" puts for 200 episodes a new leading actress at the center of the intricate plot. The new one in the filming location, Lüneburg, is not only known by the stage and the screen of the cinema, but has also shown itself in some series.

The "red roses" conquer a new leading actress: Gerit Kling (53) is at the center of the upcoming season of the popular ARD soap opera.

Kling has not only serial experience through his roles in "Port of the emergency port" and "The Rescue Flyer". Even with the successful ARD series "in all friendship" it was there.

After 200 episodes, Kling will replace his predecessor Madeleine Niesche (47) not only in the studio but also on the screen at the end of the year. Meanwhile, the sixteenth season Kling must prove to be Hilli Pollmann after two hits of fate. Before this, there will be a happy serial ending for Niesche as Sonja Pasch with "Tilmann" Björn Bugri (50).

"Unlike Emergency Harbor, where the focus is on the profession of the doctor, I have a wide range of ups and downs of human existence to play here," Kling described the challenges of the Daily Soap. "Playing both roles in combination, I find it extremely interesting," he told the German news agency during the shooting at the Krusenhof. The estate, located about 20 minutes east of Lüneburg in the village of Süttorf, is one of the hubs of the series with its old half-timbered buildings and oak trees like "Good Patch Plate". There, Kling and Niesche met this week to deliver the baton.

In the first Kling he had 1994 as a journalist his first leading role as a heroine. "I made my debut with the ARD – as" The Court Reporter "," he said. Numerous film and television roles followed, such as "crazy is sexy" and "A heart for Laura". Still on the scene Kling was seen again and again – 2014 in Bad Hersfeld as "Maria Stuart". Even as a child she acted in the theater.

"I do not see the arrival of the Lüneburg Heath," Kling said about his new role. In the coming months, he will travel on weekends between Lüneburg and his adopted Potsdam home, said the mother of an adult son.

The "red roses" have been going on for almost twelve years. The first of over 2700 episodes so far was sent in November 2006. Every 200 episodes change the protagonist actress. Every week a series is produced in Lüneburg. At 14.10 clock, turn on about 1.5 million people when the series is running. At the center of each season "Rose" is the second fortune of the respective leading actress in her so-called best years – no new territory for Kling, who married a second time in the fall of 2016.