Media: Gerit Kling at the center of the "red roses"

Media: Gerit Kling at the center of the "red roses"

The ARD soap opera "Red Roses" puts for 200 episodes a new leading actress at the center of the intricate plot. The new one in the filming location, Lüneburg, is not only known by the stage and the screen of the cinema, but has also shown itself in some series.

The "red roses" conquer a new leading actress: Gerit Kling (53) is at the center of the upcoming season of the popular ARD soap opera.

Kling has not only serial experience through his roles in "Port of the emergency port" and "The Rescue Flyer". Even with the successful ARD series "in all friendship" it was there.

After 200 episodes, Kling will replace his predecessor Madeleine Niesche (47) not only in the studio but also on the screen at the end of the year. Meanwhile, the sixteenth season Kling must prove to be Hilli Pollmann after two hits of fate. Before this, there will be a happy serial ending for Niesche as Sonja Pasch with "Tilmann" Björn Bugri (50).

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