Meghan Markle pregnant: the hidden duchess Meghan HERE her belly?

Meghan Markle pregnant: the hidden duchess Meghan HERE her belly?

Meghan Markle chose the marriage of her cousin Prince Eugene of Prince Harry for an elegant dark blue dress from Givenchy's house.
Image: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire / picture alliance / dpa

All & # 39; a marriageIt does not matter if in the aristocratic circles or not, the radiant bride is always in the foreground – as the yes word of Princess Eugenia has done is no exception. As the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson On Friday, her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank got married, no guest could overcome the lucky bride. A lady, however, took care of her equipment for a lot of whispers.

Meghan Markle: pregnant at Princess Eugenia's wedding?

The speech is from Meghan Marklewho married Prince Harry five months ago. Since then, Royals fans have not seen the hour Items about pregnancy the 37 year old finally came true. It is not surprising that even at the wedding of Princess Eugenia all eyes were on Prince Harry's wife, as she descended from the limousine and entered the chapel of St. Georges.

Suspicious dress! Duchess Meghan hides a belly here?

Once again, the Duchess of Sussex showed her elegant side: for the marriage of Princess Eugenia, Meghan Markle chose a dark blue dress from Givenchy's house. The ensemble, composed of a long knee-length dress and a matching coat, undoubtedly charmed the Duchess Meghan – but why the otherwise slender wife of Prince Harry opted for a relatively large suit?


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