Meghan Markle: This was his first date with Prince Harry

The romance between actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, today Dukes of Sussex, has fascinated the world since its inception. The same thing that started with a quote that is only known by the rumors that have spread around this.

The book "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess", By Andrew Morton, reveals unpublished details of this first encounter between the most popular pair of the British crown. The pages reveal an intense first date that was so "intoxicating" that it left the future, worried about the appearance of "desperate."

Markle came to London on June 30, 2016 and a day later he met the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. She would have been in charge when researching her friends like it Prince Harry It was "good and friendly".

"They were fascinated by each other", reveals on their pages & # 39; s Andrew Morton. "Harry was fascinated by her beauty, refinement and perceptibility, she saw him as a man and not as a title … and he realized that he had to play his game, as he knew some time later," he adds. .

Morton says the couple had consecutive dates during the four days that the actress was inside London, promoting the new season of "Suits"until July 5, when she returned to her house Toronto.


& # 39; While she was reliving the details of that memorable night, she wondered if she might have been eager to accept her invitation for a next appointment the next evening, & # 39; says Morton in another fragment from the publication.

In the middle of these quotes, Markle posted a photo on his Instagram account stating that he had found love in the British capital. On 3 July 2016, he shared an image of a heart with the word "kiss me" and wrote: "Hearts of love London".