Meryam Fares .. Did you have leukemia? Here is the whole story

Meryam Fares .. Did you have leukemia? Here is the whole story

Myriam Fares

Citizen – Saad al-Beheiry

A number of recruits broadcast the news of the artist's illness Miriam Fares with cancer, while asking her to recover quickly.

And what has raised the horror in the hearts of lovers and in the public of Miriam Faris, what was transmitted through social networks and websites yesterday from Elissa's speech about her breast cancer and to recover from it in short time.

Elissa talked about being undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from pain until God wrote her healing.

It has not been denied or confirmed by Miriam Fares accounts through social media sites on its leukemia.

Miriam Fares' latest tweets were posted on Twitter on August 6 and were shared by London with a comment confirming the fact that it has enjoyed the atmosphere in the British capital.

Maryam Fares is a Lebanese singer, actress and actress born May 3, 1983 in the village of Kafrshalal, Sidon in southern Lebanon.

Mariam Fares' father works in the design of gold and jewelry and has designed his famous gold nails in its beginnings, and his mother is called Siham working in fashion design and designed for many of the most important that I have worn in the clip do not ask me.

Maryam Faris was a beginner in dance, she learned Balinese dance from the age of 5 and at the age of 9 participated in the program of small talents broadcast on Lebanese television and won first prize.

He studied at the National Conservatory of Music for four years and participated in the Lebanese Song Festival at the age of 16 at Lebanon Television where he won the Golden Award. He later participated in the art studio within the Lebanese folk song category.

The musical career of the artist Miriam Fares began after Music Master produced his first album, "Ana and Al Shouq" (2003). He also filmed two songs from the album on the way to the video "Ana and Al Shouk" and "Do not Ask Me".

In 2005, Miriam Fares released her second album, Nadini, followed by the album "Batqol Aih" in 2008. Miriam then interpreted her acting in the lead role in the Lebanese film "Selena" in 2009, and then in the success story.

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