Michael Ondaatje: "The pure products of America are crazy"

Michael Ondaatje: "The pure products of America are crazy"

isIn fact, we had an appointment in Berlin for September, but now Michael Ondaatje – famous all over the world since he wrote a novel called "The English Patient" – in his summer cottage in rural Ontario and wants to call rather. With him it is still early in the morning and loses some dreamy words on the river that flows through his summer resort.

And since Ondaatje is a poet – even and especially when he writes novels – the mention of the river is probably not a coincidence. Surely he is thinking of the River of Life, of Lethe, of the River of the Oblivion and of the Thames flowing through his new novel "Light of War", which is a river of adventures for his young hero Nathaniel immediately after the Second World War.

Because since parents left Nathaniel – presumably to work in Singapore; in fact, because they are in the secret service – the boy smuggles the greyhounds across the river for dog racing; like those men who have been entrusted with his care and who wear demimonde names like "the butterfly" or "the boxer". Those who are truly these men will only be experienced by adult Nathaniel. Michael Ondaatje wrote the novel of a young man who – like all young people? – is a mistake.

In 1992, "The English Patient" won the Booker Prize. In 2018 he was named the best novel ever to receive Booker

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