Mohammed Assaf opens a restaurant in Jordan

The artist Mohammed Assaf has revived a special concert a
The Beit Halima restaurant in Amman, Jordan
Among the great participation of his audience and his fans.

Assaf and his band performed at the start of the concert group
Of the songs of the songs to offer his songs after which he met the "Dihya"
Along with "Ali the Kufiyeh", "I am a Palestinian blood" and other songs
Which is famous for this.

Asaf concluded the ceremony with his audience at the inauguration of a restaurant
Beit Halima launches her new song, your place is empty and is in the Iraqi dialect that ends her special night
With the song "What and Where "They are words
The great poet Ali Al – Khwar.

Interestingly, the artist Mohammed Assaf gave a lecture before the ceremony
A journalist at the Beit Halima restaurant At Abdali Boulevard
In the middle of a large presence of representatives of the visual and audiovisual media and talked about the latest work
And the actions to be launched in the coming days.