Mom helps provide prom dresses for those in need

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) – With the dance season approaching slowly, a mother is becoming her mission to make dance more accessible to all students.

Joanne Bonollo, of Pawtucket, is working with a couple of local companies to help provide clothes and other needs for those families that may be in need.

"The clothes are expensive, around 300, 400 dollars," Bonollo said. "It's a big expense for one night."

She has been a member of the Pawtucket school committee for 13 years. He says that some students in the city jump back home, banquets, prom and other events because they can not afford proper clothing. Now, he's driving an effort to collect clothes for young women in the city.

"They are usually worn once, put in the closet, and that's where they stay until someone decides to clean their closet, this way helps our students, helps our families and makes the evening special for our girls, a child's play, all we can do to help, "he added.

Howell Smith, who owns the pharmacy and gift shop in Central Ave, has two daughters and remembers the school dance shopping days.

"They were very hectic, unnerving, expensive, but we all managed it," Smith said.

He did not hesitate to lend some of his space to help the cause. You can leave your clothes in your store or at the Empowerment Factory on Main Street during working hours.

"I thought it was a great idea to help the young women of Pawtucket and I could not be happier," he added.

The clothes will be collected in both companies until 10 March.