Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis cancels all live TV appearances due to a throat ulcer - Bristol Post

TV gel expert Martin Lewis has been forced to cancel all his live performances after the diagnosis of a throat ulcer.

The Money Saving Expert regularly performs on ITV's Day & Good Morning Britain during the day, but left no choice but to cancel his schedule for live recordings after he became ill, according to Manchester Evening News.

He took a Twitter message this morning to explain his situation to his followers, and announced that he could stay away from our screens for quite some time.

The 46-year-old said: "Throat day 4. Thanks for all the well's wishes, I wanted to give you a fair update, as many of you have asked and have been kind.

Martin Lewis

"Unfortunately, I am not better – you will have seen that I could not do Good Morning Britain today – live TV is impossible.

"Last night I saw a specialist who confirmed that I have a big, cruel ulcer in my throat (I will not put a picture of it) – no colds / flu.

"Unfortunately, eating and speaking are really painful, causing the left side of my face and neck to become spasms – causing me to come around (or sometimes in tears).

"There is no treatment but waiting, although I find it difficult, because there is no sign of improvement and sleeping is difficult."

Despite the agonizing state, Martin later updated his 568,000 followers by telling them that he could make some links for his Monday night program, The Martin Lewis Money Show, thanks to the "wonders" of anesthetic spray.

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He said, "Yesss, just back from filming, I managed to get it – not so sparkly (you'll see it Monday), but enough." The anesthetic spray worked wonders.

"Now I have to punish myself for stopping the spray and the pain that comes back, then feel much better if I have been productive."

Martin added to his original statement that the team behind the TV shows are "very thoughtful" added.

"The team is very attentive – I can not do any repetition – and I have to rest 20 minutes before every take," he said.

"I have to admit that I literally shook nerves to leave the house to do it, but I do it as I want, because when I'm in pain because of the house, I'm pretty low."


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