Monica Bellucci: Her message to her former husbands, Vincent Cassel and Claudio Basso

Before you find her Radical Eye, a mini-series about the life of the Italian revolutionary photographer, actress and activist Tina Modotti, Monica Bellucci will do her own in episode 2 of the third season of Ten percent, aired on November 14, 2018. The actress embodies a Monica looking for a man for the winter … In a great interview Paris MatchOn kiosks on 8 November 2018, the 54-year-old Italian returns to his love life, which fills it up. She also looks very closely at the two men she married in her life: the Argentinean photographer Claudio Basso, in the early nineties, when Vincent Cassel, the father of his two daughters, Deva (14) and Léonie (8 years).

Since the introduction of this meeting, Monica Bellucci summarizes her philosophy of life: "If someone is burned, the only way to heal is to forgive."If her first marriage lasted only two years, her commitment to Vincent Cassel lasted seventeen years and in addition to their two daughters, the former couple made a number of films together, including irreversible by Gaspard Noé, in 2002. Outrageous for some, at least famous for an almost unbearable violence that only the scenes of intimacy of the couple interpreted by Cassel and Bellucci to this last beautiful plan around the clumsy body in the grass of Monica , like a big sigh of pure air …

in Paris MatchMonica Bellucci is a tribute to her two former husbands: "I thank my two men for what they have brought me and what they have taught me about life, unconsciously and differently."For some time, the Italian has shared the life of a new man who travels a lot, just like she does, and therefore understands her rather unique lifestyle."I have been with the same person for a while and everything is going well", she summarizes, but can consider a third marriage:"How do you know what the future will be? We can not program his existence. Marriage is something that two people must decide together, at a certain moment in their lives. When you've been married twice, you have to take the time to think before you start again, to understand why you did it and why you're divorcedAnd the star concludes: "Let's say that I am now in the learning phase."

Find the full interview in Paris Match, on kiosks November 8, 2018.

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