Montserrat Oliver publishes passionate kisses with his girlfriend and illuminates the networks

Montserrat Oliver she is happy and in love; and so he lets images in his social networks next to Yaya Kosikova.

The presenter and the Russian model have been in a happy relationship for several years and are currently one of the most solid couples in the Mexican art scene.

Both were able to recover from the scandal and the criticism they suffered when some intimate photo 's on the internet went viral.

You breathe love!

On Thursday, the host of "Reto 4 Elementos" shared a postcard showing her partner in an exotic swimming pool at the Xcaret park hotel.

"Do everything with love" and "The sea starts where it appears for the first time and meets you everywhere. #Moya Thanks! @Hotelxcaretmexico".

The Russian also published a picture in which she kissed with her friend in the same pool and wrote next to the postcard "It is always sunnier with you".