Music: ZDF regrets the criticism of the concert of the fish fillet with cream

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has banned the ZDF from performing in a concert of "creamed fish fillet" in their rooms. You do not want to become the seat for political agitation and aggression.

With regret, the ZDF has responded to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's step to not support the scheduled registration of a concert of the group of creamed fish fillets.

The foundation had forbidden the station to write to organize registration in their rooms, ZDF said Thursday in Mainz. The issuer takes note of this decision with regret.

"The ZDF plans to continue recording a concert for the band's current album, which is incorporated according to the concept of broadcast in moderation and journalistic interviews.There is a search for an alternative place," he said .

Following criticism of the concert at the Bauhaus in Dessau, the foundation had asked for the cancellation of the ZDF television program scheduled for November 6th. The Bauhaus should not become the seat of political agitation and aggression, the foundation said in reference to the right to one's home. Right-wing groups mobilized against the concert in social networks.