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Ned Stark may have died in season 1 of game of Thrones, but we can still see it in the upcoming season of HBO's hit TV series. Well, a version of him, suggests a theory of fans, after inspecting the recently released trailer.

The trailer is very dark and this means that we can not see all the details inside it. Well, of course it's dark, because the winter is coming. Also, HBO probably does not want to give away anything too soon.

This did not prevent Redditors from "repairing" the trailer by illuminating it. Here's how it looks:

One of the first things that shocked me as I watched the trailer was that Arya was afraid of something. Yes, it is still young, but it is one of the most difficult game of Thrones characters. I can not remember seeing her so scared.

As you can see in the picture above, she is chased by something and runs towards her life, having survived a first attack. Who chases her? It could be anyone, really, including people in the castle. But undead soldiers are more likely to follow it, and you can easily see where it's going.

As the Night King marches on Winterfell, which will be the first major landmark that White Walkers will encounter after overtaking the Wall, no matter which route they take, it will probably increase other undead to join his army. Among these, we could see the dead Starks buried in the crypt of Stark – including Ned Stark.

This would be a brilliant move by HBO, adding further complexity to the whole storyline. For beginners, the King of the Night does not care if he loses men or women who fight for him. He can raise other deaths to join the ranks. Secondly, we would see how the main characters would react, suddenly faced with the killing of loved ones. Take Arya's answer, for example, and imagine that Ned is lifeless and headless who will pursue her in that crypt. It would be terrifying on so many levels. Even if it is not Ned Stark, it will be equally frightening to fight alongside the Allies just to have to face them once they die, especially if they are family or friends.

However, if Ned Stark is resurrected from the dead, however, do not expect him to resemble his old self in any way. He has been dead for too long to be more than a skeleton armed with a sword. Furthermore, it will not have a head.

An even simpler explanation for the scene would be that Arya has finally figured out what they are going to face and is just leading the withdrawal. Behind her, we could have some of the other characters get away, looking for better defensive positions. In any case, April 14th can not come soon enough.

Image source: HBO


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