News on Meghan Markle: the video of Prince Harry's wife filmed before the appearance of a couple of meetings

News on Meghan Markle: the video of Prince Harry's wife filmed before the appearance of a couple of meetings

The highest-profile role of Meghan Markle was that of Rachel Zane in the American drama Suits.

However, the Duchess of Sussex was also very busy in humanitarian work for female emancipation from an early age.

The proof of this has been resolved online in a beautiful television campaign starring the wife of Prince Harry, 33 years old.

The UN campaign for women is believed to have been filmed in 2015.

At the time, Meghan had played her famous role as Suits for four years.

A song by Florence and The Machine is reproduced in the video while women from all over the world see themselves working hard.

A young Indian girl studies hard at a table while her father lights a lamp for her.

Then Meghan appears in the video, writing to her desk.

He takes his documents and goes through a modern building with white stairs and large windows.

The words "We see potential leaders everywhere" appear on the screen.

The camera swooped around Meghan staring absently at the middle way with a small smile on her lips.

"It's time for more women to see it alone," says the video.

It encourages viewers to name women in their lives with the hashtag #NominateHer.

Meghan has worked with the United Nations as a defender of gender equality and women's empowerment.

She was a charity counselor for One Young World and World Vision Canada.

In a speech to the UN on the occasion of International Women's Day 2015, the Duchess of Sussex told the participants: "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist".

Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, has appeared in various television interviews after Meghan's marriage claiming that the duchess has not spoken to her father since that day.

Despite the noisy plans that the two could meet in the United States this month, a source revealed that Meghan told his close friends that they already had "enough".

The source said, "For her life, she can not figure out why she's digging such a deep hole for herself and saying things like:" It would be easier for her if her father died ".

"He said that he only wants his father to stop blabbering" to the press: this is the birthday present he wanted from his father. "

Who is Meghan Markle? Quick profile

Meghan Markle was born Rachel Meghan Markle, August 4, 1961 from parents Doria Ragland and father Thomas Markle.

His father had previously been married to Roslyn Loveless and Meghan has two older brothers – sister Samantha Markle and brother Thomas Markle Junior.


The first television appearance of Meghan in the United States occurred in an episode of the medical drama General Hospital in 2002.

She later moved on to roles in CSI, Without a Trace and Castle along with parts in Hollywood films like Get It to the Greek, Remember Me and Horrible Bosses.

Meghan was also a "briefcase" on Deal or No Deal – but her most famous role was that of Rachel Zane in the legal film Suits, launched in 2011.

It was written in the final of the seventh series when her character got married, which aired in April 2018 – just before she married alone.

Charity and humanitarian work

Meghan Markle's career on television has gone hand in hand with her support for causes close to her heart.

He wrote about the stigma on menstrual health in an article for Time magazine and was Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada – with whom he traveled to Rwanda for the clean water charity campaign.

And her commitment to gender equality saw her work with the UN – receiving a standing ovation in 2015 for her speech on International Women's Day.


In September 2011, he married film producer Trevor Engelson, who began dating in 2004.

But the couple divorced two years later, in August 2013, citing an irreconcilable difference.

He had a relationship with celebrity chef Cory Vitiello for almost two years, before breaking the contract in 2016, but the two remain good friends.

And in June 2016, he met Prince Harry in a blind date organized by a mutual friend.

Their relationship began in October of that year and just over a year later, on November 27, 2017, the couple announced their engagement.

They married May 19, 2018 in the chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle.

The legacy of Meghan

Some have claimed that Meghan Markle is the first mixed race member of the royal family.

Historians are still arguing about Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III.

But Meghan will be the first real to openly embrace a mixed race legacy.

He wrote of the difficulties of being a biracial actress in Hollywood, claiming he was not black enough for some roles and not white enough for others.