News Ticker to Daniel Küblböck: Video has to show last minutes of Küblböck on board – father may not see it

News Ticker to Daniel Küblböck: Video has to show last minutes of Küblböck on board – father may not see it

Sunday, September 16, 8:02 am: The Canadian police should have video recordings showing Daniel Küblböck shortly before his disappearance. This is reported by the "Bild am Sonntag". The photo 's of the security camera' s should show how the ex – TV star of the cruise ship jumps into the sea. According to the newspaper, the father of Küblböck wants to see the video recordings. The Canadian police, however, have for the time being denied that the material has been released for tactical reasons.

Aida Cruises is responsible for drama

15:28: After the disappearance of the former television star Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck (33), the Rostock cruise company Aida Cruises is responsible for the incident. "In fact, as a company we do not have a legal basis to deny customers who are fully competent to start a booked trip," the company said on Friday at the request of the German press agency.

Aida emphasized that there is a lot of understanding for the deep concerns of family members. "They have our sympathy in this difficult time." Aida responded to a message from Kaiser-Küblböck & # 39; s father Günter on the website of his son (see Thursday's entry, 8:04 pm),

It says: "We are extremely worried about his sudden change of nature, which has proved in many ways in recent weeks, and so I have done everything to prevent this journey." Even then he was attentive to the law after which there is no way to deny the voyage on the ship. He had therefore in advance asked the leaders of the ship to keep a close eye on Daniel.

Passengers report: Küblböck was booed on board and denied himself

Friday, 10:57 am: In the drama around the former "DSDS" candidate, passengers who were on board the cruise ship "AIDAluna" with the singer reported further details. So Küblböck would have been booed aboard when he sang one of his songs during the karaoke in the ship's disco. This reports RTL, referring to former fellow travelers Küblböck. Was this breaking old wounds?

Already at "DSDS" did not all viewers in RTL studio of his shrill performances, whistled, thought him angry. The reporter also heard that he denied that he was not at a meeting, Daniel Küblböck. Two ship passengers would therefore have recognized him from the television and asked for a joint photo. He would have refused – and would have said they were wrong.

Küblböck-father says: "Has done everything to prevent this trip"

Thursday, September 13, 8:04 pm: In the case of the disappeared singer Daniel Küblböck, the father now has his say. To protect Daniel's privacy, the family has not said anything so far, writes Günther Küblböck in a statement on the official website of the singer. But speculation is currently taking over. In the statement, the father explains that his son, in contrast to all rumors, only went aboard the ship. "Daniel was not depressed, but he had mental health problems recently." Furthermore, the father writes: "We have been greatly worried by his abrupt change in nature, which has proven itself in many facets in recent weeks, and that is why I have done everything to prevent this journey."

The statement in the text: "To clean up with a few speculations …

The tragedy and everything that has happened in recent weeks is a lot of work for the whole family and good friends, and it makes you sad.

To protect Daniel's privacy, we have been quiet. But speculation is gaining ground, so we now have a few details to speak:

Contrary to all rumors, Daniel went aboard the AIDAluna without supervision. He wanted to do this journey alone. Günter Küblböck: "Daniel was not depressed, but recently he had psychological problems that can best be described as a kind of psychosis, and I can completely exclude that Daniel planned suicide or is planning to end his life. This he can do only to be in a state of emergency, without really being clear about what he is doing and what the consequences will be. "We have experienced its sudden change in essence, which has been demonstrated in many facets in recent weeks, because of the difficult legal situation in Germany. according to the AIDA company, however, it is not possible to deny him the booked trip, so I asked the responsible persons in advance to see Daniel in particular.

The change in essence was clear in many parts, until he finally showed up as a woman. I can clearly say that Daniel has never started to tell since he was a child that he would want to be a woman. Anyone who knew him can say that. On the contrary, in recent years he has always paid attention to a very masculine appearance.

It struck us that his situation had changed enormously because of the intensive preparation for the role of a woman he would play for his graduation at the drama school. Daniel took this training very seriously and he had many postgraduate plans, which he wanted to end this year as a state-approved actor. "

The family, parents, stepmother, adoptive mother and good friends were always there for Daniel and have tried everything to help him and give him the necessary help.

We hope to put an end to a number of speculations with these rules and ask ourselves on behalf of all those involved and in memory of Daniel to refrain from further speculation without sound knowledge.

If all the facts of the AIDAluna and the investigating police are available, we will speak again here.

Daniel was a beautiful and complex person. We ask the media to respect that and to keep his obituary accordingly. Thank you.

We miss you … "

After the disappearance of Küblböck: the Aida was informed of the passengers