Nicolas Hulot denounces the "demagogic controversy" Brigitte Bardot

Nicolas Hulot denounces the "demagogic controversy" Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot's invectives against Nicolas Hulot are not
not left without answers. Qualified as a "trouillard" from the old
actress Saturday, July 11 in Var Matin, the minister of ecological transition and solidarity called Brigitte Bardot this
Sunday, August 12 to explain.

In a tweet released on Sunday, the former actress claimed to have received a call from Nicolas Hulot in anger, calling me a coward, honeyed in front of the president "Macron, the day after an interview in which he consumed the minister.

The minister's entourage stated that he believed it"it was about" manipulative words from a private conversation", defining the statements of Brigitte Bardot" abusive "." The minister focuses on his action at the service of the French and the planet and does not want to enter into sterile and demagogic polemics ", we added.

At the beginning satisfied with the appointment of Hulot, the former actress soon became disillusioned. She had
he has already reported that he has criticized the government's policy to slaughter the wolves. In an interview with "The World" in January, he claimed to have immersed himself in "unspeakable anguish" after the minister's decision "to authorize the massacre of 40 wolves", claiming to have "written" it by treating all the names " .

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