Niels Ruf: No-Tweet! Moderator teases Daniel Küblböck

Niels Ruf: No-Tweet! Moderator teases Daniel Küblböck

Niels Ruf published an insipid post on Daniel Küblböck.
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With a bland tweet for the missing DSDS star Daniel Küblböck It provides Call Niels again for the titles.Shortly afterwards it was learned that the search for the missing singer was interrupted, Ruf has published a questionable post in which he mocks the events. The network reacted with indignation.

The reputation of Niel mocked Daniel Küblböck disappeared

Television presenter Niels Ruf wrote about his Twitter account: "Finally there is one where the reappearance from the sinking is no longer unlikely to be with me." For this purpose, the 45-year-old has published a clip that shows how a man jumps voluntarily into the pool. In the end, Ruf adds his contribution to the hashtags "#kuebelboeck" and "# küblböck". So, the former candidate "Let's Dance" leaves no doubt as to who his tweet is addressed.

Indignant fans: Niels Ruf collects nasty crap for insipid tweets on Küblböck

User responses have not waited long. "Well, we hope that one day they will jump from a ship and they will not show up again! These people like them do not need this land!" or "It is not really a pity that you are no longer relevant, miserable bad", scolds angry users. Kübelböck, who became famous for his participation in the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", he went overboard Aida last Sunday.

The reputation of Niels in the review: it is not the first line that is completely wrong

It is not the first time that Niel's reputation has made headlines. Even at the death of the musician Roger Cicero in 2016, Ruf responded with a bland post.At that time he jokingly tried to sell tickets for his tour. The network reacted shocked: many felt his behavior at that moment irreverent and moved away from him, as well as from his previous leadership.

Last year, Niel's reputation was discussed, when he put online a series of ruthless jokes to the Hamburg stop.

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