Nimes: disguised as a bull, Remi Gaillard protests in his own way against bullfighting

Feria yes, no bullfighting. This is the message he wanted to convey in his own way the humorist of the Montpellier Rémi Gaillard web. Engaged in the animal cause, he was in Nîmes this Saturday, September 15, disguised as a bull to place a wreath of flowers in front of the statue of matador Nimeno II, the main figure of French bullfighting.

A special tribute that, according to a tweet from the humorist, "triggered some tensionsRémi Gaillard was discreetly escorted to his car by the police.

The gesture of Rémi Gaillard aroused, without surprises, many comments, between anti-bullfighting on one side and pro-corride from the other, the first congratulating the star of social networks, the second that invited him not to come to Nîmes if he is not happy.

Meeting with the Minister

Herault can speak bullfighting with the Minister of Ecology: arrested on Twitter about the imprisonment of animals in Marineland, François de Rugy has indeed invited the humorist to meet him. "The question I ask myself is whether I go in dolphin mascots or not. I'm always in shorts, but I could go in the dolphin mascot if I could come back that way", said Rémi Gaillard at the Huffington Post.