No, Brigitte Macron did not lie about her age

Brigitte Macron. – Onni Okala / AP / SIPA

  • An article shared on Facebook claims that Brigitte Macron lied about her age and that she is actually ten years older.
  • An identity card in the name of the wife of Emmanuel Macron accompanies this rumor.
  • This is actually a hoax and a photo montage published by the parody site SecretNews … there is more than a year, completely "MacronLeaks".

"Brigitte Macron lied about her age !!! On Facebook this" revelation "is based on an identity card in the name of the wife of Emmanuel Macron, where his birth date is circled in red: April 13, 1943 … a decade apart with his official date of birth, April 13, 1953.

"Brigitte Macron would she … 74 years? It seems hard to believe, yet it seems [nt] to demonstrate these identity documents that were put online this Thursday night by Wikileaks ", says the related article, published on October 10, 2018 on the site of" entertainment "Here L & # 39; Info.

"So it's a difference of 34 years between the president and his wife, an unusual situation that has not yet been pronounced on her, and the first lady did not want to comment on these revelations, considering them absurd." The communications director of the En Marche movement speaks of gross fake and invites you to be careful with all the "bullshit" that can be found on the internet "continues the article.

In fact, it uses word for word a hoax issued by the parody site SecretNews – whose logo is clearly visible on the false identity card – more than a year ago.

The false identity card in the name of Brigitte Macron.
The false identity card in the name of Brigitte Macron. – screenshot


On 12 May 2017, the humorous platform makes use of the news
the "MacronLeaks", the name of the leak online e-mails and confidential documents from the campaign team of Emmanuel Macron just before the second round of the presidential election, to invent this hoax … and linked the false ID card. Both will be
a few weeks later seriously resumed by the site "Without Limits N".

Two elements of the text adopted by Ici L & # 39; Info also indicate that it is a year old, starting with the 74-year-old Brigitte Macron, "ten years older than her officially announced age" … while she is 65 years old today (and no 64). The evocation of Wikileaks clearly refers to the leak of En Marche! Documents, a highlight of the last presidential election.

Brigitte Macron, a recurrent target of intoxication and hoaxes

If Ici L & # 39; Info takes this hoax so late, the site is well informed about passing on a parody, since the article is in its "In Ze Mix" category, which is the subject of a clarification on his page of welcome: "ATTENTION News that [se] find in our section "In Ze Mix" are humorous news, fantasy, fictional, that should not be taken seriously or serve as a source of information! An important clarification that is not necessarily known to users who discover the article on Facebook, where it is mainly passed on.

SecretNews, including "all information […] are satirical and / or parodic "- like her viral hoax on Aurore Bergé – no shortage of parody articles about the first lady:" Alcohol, surgery, bisexuality … Brigitte Macron tells the hell she lived in "," Brigitte Macron wants to plant cannabis on the Elysee to favor the short circuit "…

In addition to these humorous articles, the wife of the President of the Republic is the target of many drunken men, she was falsely presented as the face of a brand of anti-age creams or accused
to pay taxpayers 440,000 euros per year as first lady … if not
his family is the target of a false rumor.

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