Omdan El Nour, Mohamed Hassan and Nadia Mostafa at the Castle Festival

Omdan El Nour, Mohamed Hassan and Nadia Mostafa at the Castle Festival

Three consecutive concerts were held during the 27th Friday International Music and Singing Festival, organized by the Egyptian Opera House, directed by Dr. Magdy Saber.

The first concert was held at 8 pm on Al-Mahaki 1 stage, where Amdan El-Nour's team Tamer Mustafa and Yehia Nadim presented a distinct collection of their most famous works such as "Al-Sobah", " Masmara Wisma "," Al-Araguz "," Al Balishu "" And ended the concert with the song Ayesh.

Subsequently, the young singer Mohamed Hassan resumed the second concert in a large audience, started with several songs by Nightingale's best songs, Abdel Halim Hafez, including "Sawah, Ali Qad Al Shawq, the cup player", which was recited by the public. Owner, we'll see you, knock on the door, talk about pastel and incline. "

Then he presented a selection of the songs of the heritage of "Ama Barwa, El Helwa and El Moura" Among the contemporary songs were the Younes song for the star Mohamed Mounir and the strange characters of the singer Wael Jassar, then Hassan sang the melody of Upper Mizmar with the song "L" Egyptian.

The singer, Nadia Mustafa, sang the songs of her most famous works, along with the beautiful songs of the era: "Wahshtouni, Mali" for the Algerian rose, "Salh Khair, Leila Keda, Or the most expensive name in existence. "


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