One of the Zodiac signs is a bad pilot, and maybe it's you

One of the Zodiac signs is a bad pilot, and maybe it's you

Astrologers describe the signs of the zodiac
flying, says DEITA.RU.

1.Now – the demons

The Aries is very impulsive and energetic. And these character traits
they are reflected in their way of driving. On the road, it is likely that the Aries will accelerate when
The yellow light will turn on and will not hit the brakes. Enthusiasm e
Hyperactivity is the hallmark of this sign, so the Aries hates
stay in traffic jams. Even Aries is always confident in his decisions on the road.

2. Taurus – stubborn

Be resolute and focused on your own
objectives, Taurans constantly follow the road and never let themselves be distracted
on a cell phone or radio. Taurus is known for his stubbornness and his personal will
and, therefore, it is unlikely to allow other drivers to restructure when necessary
in a traffic jam.

3. Gemini: it's easy
drivers distracted

Full of enthusiasm and life Gemini – self concentration
power. And often they can not remain immobile for long periods
time. The twins are huge talkers and so they can be called wonderful
companions on the road.

4. Cancer – safe

The tumors are known for their tradition and above all
reliability. You can rely on cancer in almost everything. Cancer hates
be late and always plan their routes in advance to find the fastest
and an effective way. Tumors are very safe drivers and, probably, less than all
he suffers from anger.

5. The lions are noisy

Lions are very confident and love to be in the spotlight.
These natural leaders are not shy in expressing their opinions on the road. patience
The lion will overflow if it gets stuck behind a slow driver. And he
in the long run it will send a signal, which others knew, how unsatisfied it is. lions
often quite vain and spend a lot of time admiring and correcting
hair in the rearview mirror.

6. The Virgin –
perfectionists behind the wheel

The Virgo are true perfectionists and their need to do everything
correctly, certainly, influences their way of driving a car. The Virgin is very
careful pilots, but they can park their cars for hours on the parking lots,
It was perfect The Virgin respects the rules of the road and is always ready
allow other drivers to overcome them.

7. Scales – undecided

The scales are well known for their kind and elegant nature,
that on the road can turn into indecision. The stairs are disinterested
drivers often float behind the wheel, especially when they decide to do so
overtaking. Sociable Libra can easily communicate with other drivers when
stuck in traffic.

8. Scorpions –
insightful drivers

Scorpios vigilant and acute are very
safe drivers, as they can often anticipate events on the road.
The scorpions are usually good drivers, but there is advice: if Scorpio
it will allow you to overtake you, be sure to "say" thank you. If this is not
to do this, it can react aggressively.

9. Sagittarius –
attentive to other drivers

Vigorous, responsive and optimistic – probably the best
epithets for the description of Sagittarius. As for their personalities on the road, Sagittarius
These are the signs of the Zodiac, which, most likely, will stop and help
he needs a driver. Sagittarians are known to be adamant and proud,
Therefore, if they wanted to cut the road and remained there in a traffic jam for several
hours, they never admitted that they made a mistake.

10. Capricorn –
organized drivers

Reliable and practical Capricorn behave on the road just like
and in everyday life. Capricorns love being prepared and can spend
hours, studying possible routes to their destinations, and they are rarely
I'm late Capricorns often adhere to speed limits and very rarely
enter into disputes with other drivers. But if Capricorn is lost, him
he becomes nervous and panicked.

11. Aquarium – fast

Aquariums are intelligent and intelligent people. They have plans
Their journeys in advance, so as not to get trapped in traffic jams. At the same time, the Aquarius
can manifest their rebel side, sometimes higher than speed.

12. Fish – the "lungs"

Kind, kind and patient, Pisces – safe and alert
pilots. At the wheel, the Pisces willingly allow the other pilots
pruning. Pisceans are so kind and patient that they risk remaining inside
traffic jams for several hours simply because you can not say "no"
other drivers and eventually allow everyone to overcome themselves.

Alina Kalinina

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