"One Punch Man": what is known about the second season | PHOTO The trade | TV | series

"One Punch Man": what is known about the second season | PHOTO
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Bandai has just released the highly anticipated trailer of the second season of the successful anime A man's fist. The adventures of Saitama began in 2009 through a webcomic that became popular all over Japan and achieved worldwide fame.

The expected trailer was released in the One-Punch Man School Festival held in Japan. It has also been revealed that the episodes will be premiered once a week from April of next year.

And it was also indicated that JAM Project will collaborate again with the soul, being responsible for the new opening of the soul. The festival also included a poster that included Saitama, Genos and a new character named Garou, designed by Ghikashi Kubota.

As you remember, A man's fist He was born in a digital version that was illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The fame of the adventures of Saitama aroused the curiosity and interest of many publishers, but it was Young Jump of 2012 that will begin publication in physical form.

A man's fist he left the role and arrived at the animation where he gained international fame in United States is Latin America. The first animation only lasted from October to December 2015, but it was more than enough for millions of people to adopt the timid and powerful Saitama as their own.

The story of "One Punch Man" It happens in the metropolis of Z City, in Japan. The world is invaded by some strange monsters who appear for no apparent reason. In the midst of humanity's desperation, Saitama seems to be a hairless hero, who has all the power to defeat his enemies in one fell swoop.

Saitama loses the passion for her "work" always looking for stronger enemies to continue testing his strength. In the middle of the plot finds new friends and enemies that give a unique touch to the souls.


"One Punch Man". (Video: Broadcast)


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