"Opera" commemorates the departure of Baligh Hamdi and Faiza Ahmed in Damanhour and Alexandria

The Egyptian Opera House, under the direction of Dr. Magdy Saber, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the departure of musician Balig Hamdi and the 35th anniversary of the departure of Karwan El-Sharq Fayza Ahmed with a concert performed by the Alexandria Opera Orchestra for music and singing under the direction of Maestro Abdelhamid Abdel Ghaffar. Thursday 13 September at the Damanhour Opera Theater and the second at 20:00 on Friday (14 September) at the Sayed Darwish Theater at the Alexandria Opera House.

The show contains a selection of the most famous works of art they have presented during their artistic career, where the band's stars will perform, with the first part starting with the song "I Have Problem" and "The Fly Traveler" performed by Shams. Ibrahim, Salamat Ya Habayeb, performed by Ahmed Essam, and "Tamr Henna" sing Sherouq Sharif, "loss of loss" and "tourists" performances of Mohammed al-Kholi.

The second interval starts with the solo performance of the first violinist Dr. Ehab Abdel Hamid for the song "Zay El Hawa" for the Nightingale Asmar, then the song "Ya Nakhlten in Alalaly" and "Ya Ghazal Iskandarani" by Mr. Wahab Allah, "Ayoun Bahia" by Ahmed Rajab. Song of the planet of the East Mrs. Umm Kulthum "Fat Almayad" by Marwa Hamdi.

Source Dawn