Operated from cancer, Jean-Pierre Pernaut will be back soon

After difficult times he feels ready to return to the cameras. Jean-Pierre Pernaut announced on Friday 9 that he would make his big return to the 1:00 PM TF1 news on Monday 12, after weeks of absence.

The regular customers of this news broadcast have not seen their presenter since September 24, the day when he announced that they were taking a break to heal.

Because everyone who presents this daily appointment for 30 years is diagnosed with prostate cancer. He took the time to be operated, successfully, and rest surrounded by his family, while he was still very present on the social networks.

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It is also on Twitter that he announced that he was returning to the screen. "I can not wait to meet you again", he wrote while his replacement Jacques Legros said goodbye to the viewers that same day.

"On Monday it is Jean-Pierre Pernaut who will find you in good shape (…) I embrace it very well, and then very quickly"explained the joker of Jean-Pierre Pernaut at the end of the journal of his last week.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut had already given his fans reassuring news shortly after his operation and while some very disturbing rumors circulated about him. He had then reassured his followers by explaining to him that he still needed rest.

This time, the star presenter seems completely recovered from this event.

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