Oscar-winning composer Francis Lai has disappeared

The music world is losing a great man. The musician of Nice Francis Lai, composer of Claude Lelouch and above all the mythical melody, support of "dabadabada",A man and a woman, he died at the age of 86. And it was the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi who announced this sad news in a statement.

"It is with great sadness that I learn of the death of Francis Lai, this great composer of Nice", writes Christian Estrosi, stating that the city of Nice would pay him homage: "Soon I will propose to his family to give his name to an emblematic place of our city, "he said.

He wrote for Piaf, Gréco or Montand

Francis Lai started as an accordionist of the poet and singer Bernard Dimey, with whom he wrote songs for the gratin of the time: Edith Piaf, Juliette Greco or Yves Montand. He then met the director Claude Lelouch thanks to a mutual friend, Pierre Barouh, who wrote the words of "dabadabada". The mythical theme of the film, sung by Nicole Croisille, has been resumed more than 200 times. He recently worked on new recordings for the sequel to Claude Lelouch's cult film A man and a woman currently under recovery.

It is for his score of Love Story who will receive an Oscar in 1970. The theme "Where Do I Begin" starring Andy Williams is immediately taken over by Mireille Mathieu ("A love story"). The composer also signs songs for Serge Reggiani, Dalida, Isabelle Aubret, Noëlle Cordier, Nicoletta, Séverine and the famous "La Bicyclette" for Yves Montand.

He will write in all the music of over 100 films and will sign more than 600 songs. On Twitter, the former president of the Cannes Film Festival Gilles Jacob greeted him: "Hi sadness: it's better to say it … He will not write any more scores … His melodies were crazy, and he!"