Pamela Anderson in love: Adil Rami responds to her "beauty" with a sensual photo

Pamela Anderson in love: Adil Rami responds to her "beauty" with a sensual photo

Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami seem more in love than ever. To meet his beauty, the footballer shared a snapshot of the actress.

If before they wanted to keep their love story secret, Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson seem ready to share their idyll with the Internet surfers. While rumors are circulating about a possible break between the lovebirds, the ex-actress of the TV series"Malibu Alert" shared a snapshot of "his beast" on Friday, August 10th on his Instagram account. The opportunity for her to deny the rumors and confirm their romantic relationship.

Saturday, August 11, the footballer crowned world champion on July 15 last year wanted to meet his beautiful. Adil Rami shared a snapshot of her darling in full photographic service : "Beauty"wrote in a message.

Despite their particularly busy schedule, lovers are well and truly in phase. One who has joined the cast of the upcoming dance season with the stars will spend more time with his lover, himself a defender at Olympique de Marseille, between two dance sessions. Perhaps they will find themselves far from prying eyes: "We like simplicity, he had also explained the actress in the columns of Paris match. We love being at homeI prepare vegetarian dishes, which he loves. We spend quiet evenings with us with our dog We have a healthy, peaceful life, no frills, happy.

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