Pamela Anderson no longer supports Adil Rami and no longer wants to live in Marseille!

Pamela Anderson no longer supports Adil Rami and no longer wants to live in Marseille!

The end seems close between Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami. The star installed in Marseille no longer supports her boyfriend and wants to move.

Is the end close between Pamela Anderson and her boyfriend Adil Rami? It seems that their relationship is no longer valid anyway. In fact, the player would spend his time celebrating the victory of the Blues while Pamela Anderson aspires to stability. How long will the couple last longer?

Alert Malibu's star is tired. His dear chained the evenings. But Pamela Anderson does not feel this way. According to Closer, when the OM player visited Pamela in Los Angeles, the latter totally abandoned him: "He multiplied his evenings with friends" is "Barely crossed" Pamela.

Today, Adil Rami has fun in discos on the Côte d'Azur and Pamela works in Paris.

Pamela Anderson does not want to go back to Marseille

Pamela Anderson is currently in Paris to shoot Philippe Lacheau's Nicky Larson. And the American star would no longer be in touch with her darling! Things have changed since the start of their relationship in December 2017. She, who wanted a quiet life, practically had it. "We have quiet nights at home with our dog," he told Paris Match. "We have a healthy, peaceful life, no frills, happy."

D & # 39; now on, he does not want to return to live in Marseille according to Closer. She joined Adil Rami not so long ago and the couple has lived together since February, in a beautiful house with a pool of about 2.9 million euros.

He was even seen at Monoprix with his partner for an event organized by Olympique Marseillais.

So maybe turning Danse with the stars prevents him from returning to Marseille? Or that the beautiful woman realizes that her couple does not work?

Even his friends want to remove Ail Rami

According to the New York Post, the end of their love story is approaching. In fact, a source close to the star explained that he could not bear his boyfriend's way of life. "She does not care about night clubs." She turned the page, explained the informer. "She respects her need to celebrate her victory, but this behavior can not last. […] Pamela has been with really bright men in her life, so her friends are wondering how a footballer can really keep his interest. "

Furthermore, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks and a close friend of the star, would not like Adil. Try even to find another partner for Pamela! «Julien Assange presented Pamela to the Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat». He would like to see her with someone "Smart and interesting".

But even the player character at OM was worth. Actually already described in the past as jealous by Pamela, his friends confirm it. He would do it too "All that is possible to isolate him from his circle of friends".

Finally, the 38-year-old Billionaire tycoon Evgeny Lebedev would regularly send him presents and messages. But the beautiful remains reluctant despite his invitations to join him in Italy or England. Yet his friends would prefer to see her with a man like him.

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